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  • Schroer Family Project

    I'm wanting to trace the Schroer family lines as far back as I can. I've been told that 3 Schroer brothers came over from a small town in Germany and that one of the brothers changed the "o" in Schroer to an "a." I would like to collaborate information on, not only my Schroer family line but, the whole Schroer line. So, calling all Schroer collaborators...

  • Mitkus Family

    Rietavas, Seda, Mažeikiai

  • Eleuteria Guingguing-Naranjo Abuton Project

    Eleuteria Guingguing-Naranjo Abuton Project

  • taiber

    taiber family of pioneers in israel. coming from frther jacob taiber .ww-2 survivour from that time bukovina.we live now in ein_vered. lev hasharon

  • Kurča Family

    Projekt Kurča Family pochadzajúci s obce Kolta.

  • Dorothy Mary Moss

    wife of Charles Henry Moss Bermuda

  • Holders of Burma Star Group

    It would be nice if we could find as many people as possible who were awarded "The Burma Star" for taking part in the Burma Campaign in the last war. My late faather was one of them..Let's see if we can find some more?

  • Vadhri Family

    India - Andhra - East Godavari District - Brahmin Vaidiki Velanati family, Bharadvaja gotra

  • Rallabhandi Family

    India - Andhra - Krishna District - Brahmin Vaidiki Velanati family, Koundinyasa gotra

  • Sabnis Family

    I would like to contact whosoever of the Sabnis Family ,hailing originally from Islampur ( district Sangali ) in Maharashtra to collaborate with me in this genealogy project of the Sabnis family. I have already added data upto 6-7 generations back. But lack the data on the female descendents ,the wives of the forefathers and the families they came from etc. I would welcome any information anyon...

  • Project Canara

    To link families originating from the Canara region who have settled throughout the world.

  • Darko Nijemcevic

    Zeljela bih da spojimo porodicno drvo preko Darke Nijemcevica koji je moj prvo rodjak

  • Титков Family

    Проект ставит своей целью установление родства разных семей с фамилией Титков, проживающих на территории бывшей Российской империи и бывшего Советского союза.

  • Watjen Family

    Trying to find the source of the Watjen family from Germany to the states

  • Sharon[bendell] Jaic

    I want to contact to try and work on a family tree for the Bendell family in the Dorset area . My grandfather Fred Bendell Sr emigrated to Canada and passed away in Collingwood ,Ontario. My grandmother Annaretta Lee Bendell is buried in The Christ church Priory.She passed away 3 days after the birth of her son . I use to assemb.le info

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