Need help merging Colonial Americans?

Started by Erica Howton on Saturday, August 11, 2018
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Emily Kent Marget Maurice Berkeley tree is improved, there were pre existing date issues. It’s cleaned up but can use more sourcing and review.

Marcella Nichole Hoff I believe I got all the zombies merged in, please check.

Emily Kent Marget I believe undoing the merge on Elizabeth Clark solved it. As usual, the area needs notes.

This profile needs a source for parents.

Alice Rogers has left tree conflicts. Given that it is an MP, I will not try to resolve myself.

Thanks for the fix. and are pending merges in my tree.
Many fields are locked which may causethe merges to fail and mess up the "tree".

Marcella Nichole Hoff The New Spain requests are done.

Emily Kent Marget Re Hon. William Collier, of London & Duxbury & “nearby”

I completed requested merges from “view nearby merge issues,” resolved data conflicts, & corrected a genealogy error. Please advise if I missed anything.

Marcella Nichole Hoff William Hill, II is done. I’m confused about the wives so any research notes are appreciated.

Emily Kent Marget

Andrew Reade Is a popular tree! Good thing relationships are locked on it: the merge would have brought in incorrect parents for Alice Reade

Erica Howton - Thanks so much for the 2 big fixes.

John Berkeley, Jr. has tree conflicts but is relationship locked.

Thanks for the help in cleaning it. has left two full sets of parents unresolved.

Thanks for the help in fixing.

Emily Kent Marget yikes! Sorry I missed those. Please check again.

Robert Treat still has 2 full sets of parents.

When you've had a few large messes, things will slip through the cracks.

Erica Howton - thanks for this fix.

Emily Kent Marget Fixed,and detached her mothers from their imaginary parents.

Erica Howton - Thanks as always.

Showing 121-150 of 5418 posts

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