Applicable to Multiple Generations of Immigrants?

Started by Private on Monday, December 12, 2016
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Thank you, Erica. As a side issue, when I open any of several of the Geni profiles of persons I know to be my direct ancestors, the profiles show them to be either in-law relations or remote cousins by going back further than the actual generation, then coming forward as a cousin. Is there any way I can adjust the Geni lineage data to reveal the true direct relationship?

Two paths show now, blood and in law.

Perhaps, but when the true blood path (direct lineage) does not show, what then?

Erica, I have an ancestor who is both a 9thGGF and twice a 10thGGF, depending on how you trace three of his daughter Rebecca's daughters forward. However, his profile shows only as my 4th great aunt's fifth GGF.
Edmund Hobart, Sr., of Hingham.
You are shown as curator. How can the profile be adjusted?

Private User A server refresh didn’t help. We need to “walk the tree” from yourself up, pinning yourself first with a pushpin, to “teach” the server the path, and also examine for any conflicts or errors.

I'm not familiar with either "pinning" or "walking the tree". I looked at my branch of the tree, and at my own profile, to find a "pushpin", but to no avail.

Private User It is difficult for me to assist because I don’t know how your tree is supposed to link to Edmond Hobart - the obvious to me is the Angell line. So you would need to show me how you get to Hobart.

Here we go, Erica (all thru my maternal great grandfather William Wright Higgins, then):
(1) his father Allen Higgins, father Judah Higgins, father Samuel Higgins, father Paul Higgins, father Benjamin Higgins, Jr., mother Lydia Bangs, mother Rebecca Hobart {whose profile is locked} to her father Edmond Hobart (6000000012803892561);
(2) his mother Sally Ann Newcomb, her father Jeremiah Newcomb. his mother Rachel Newcomb, her mother Thankful Freeman, her mother Abigail Young, her mother Ann Doane, her mother Hannah Bangs, her {locked} mother Rebecca Hobart, her father Edmond Hobart;
(3) again his father Allen Higgins, his father Judah Higgins, his father Samuel Higgins, his mother Rebecca Mayo, her mother Abigail Snow Sparrow, her father Jonathan Sparrow, Jr., his mother Rebecca Bangs, her mother Rebecca Hobart, etc.

Note all 3 paths derive from Capt. Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobarts' daughters.

I haven't tried the "Working w/ Relationships" yet.

Thanks again for your assistance and education.

Rebecca Bangs Is not a known daughter of Edmond Hobart. Curator note: The Great Migration Project does not have parents for the Rebecca who married Edward Bangs. Relationships locked. Please start a discussion with evidence for parents.

With reference to your comment about Rebecca Bangs and her questionable linkage to the Rev Peter Hobart, I can only reference a comment I found (trying to locate my source) that supposedly there was a diary notation of the Rev Peter Hobart as to his sister being the wife of Capt Edward Bangs. I regret not having better documentation at hand but would be curious if this has been disproven, perhaps through research of the Mayflower Society(?).
Doug Ross

Robert Charles Anderson in The Great Migration begins Vol 1 p 90 (Edward Bangs) writes:

"Citing a supposed entry in the Hobart diary, Mary Walton Farris suggested that Rebecca was daughter of Edward Hobart of Hingham, but this entry may not have existed, and the identity of Rebecca (___) Bangs remains unknown [NEHGR 121:4, 56]."

Anderson is referring to Dawes-Gates Vol 2 page 61 which is available on

Mary Walton Farris was an excellent genealogist but as Anderson points out in NEHGR 121:4,56 they review Peter Hobart's journal and find no such entry and therefore find her claim unfounded.[1]


A more detailed description of the dispute mentioned by Anderson:

Ferris[2] mentions in a footnote that "the assertion has been made" that a diary of Rev. Peter (Hobart) had an entry regarding a trip to attend the funeral of "sister Bangs." Egan[3] states, regarding a journal, likely written partially, or even in entirety[4], by Rev. Peter Hobart's son Deacon Dave Hobart, that "No such reference [to that trip] is found," Egan does allow that Ferris' statement of "sister Bangs" may indicate access to Peter Hobart's original journal and an omission by Dea. David Hobart in the journal of that article. An Editor[5] of the NEHGR, later in the same volume, clarifies and reiterates that the "original" diary (in the possession of the Massachusetts History Society) appears to be "almost entirely" in the hand of Dea. David Hobart; and perhaps there was an original diary from which Davd Hobart extracted information.

Other information: the dispute regarding Rebecca's parentage apparently results from the following items:

Rev. Peter Hobart had a sister Rebecca. This is established elsewhere and doesn't appear to be disputed. A diary of Rev. Peter Hobart is mentioned[6][7][8][9] in which the author(s) describe an entry by Rev. Hobart, he taking a trip to attend the funeral of "sister Bangs."

It is unclear[10] whether the phrase "sister Bangs" was intended to indicate a biological relationship, or a member of Rev. Hobart's congregation. I.e., records by clergy often refer to the "Brethren" of their congregations, referring to individuals as "Brother" and "Sister."

Edward and Rebecca Bangs had a grandson named Hubbard Bangs; "Hubbard" may be a variant[11] of "Hubbert, Hobart."; the grandson's name may be an indication of his grandmother's maiden name.

Observation[12][13]: Rebecca Hobart had siblings named Sarah and Joshua. Edward and Rebecca Bangs had children named Sarah and Joshua. It is not uncommon that names reappear in later generations of a family.

Mentioned in some of the references (including Anderson: "No further information."), there appear to be no records or mentions for Rebecca Hobart after about 1635. The implication is: if she was not the wife of Edward Bangs, what happened to her?

Unfortunately, the argument that Edward's wife Rebecca was Rebecca Hobart, sister of Rev. Peter Hobart, is circumstantial. Whether the diary entry, or the diary itself, existed, is moot, as such an entry could be argued to refer to a "Sister" of the congregation, a common occurrence. The observations may appear compelling, but, as observed by Anderson, her identity must remain unknown.

I'm curious about whether there is any Curator activity to oversee or vet the family names which are entered into the First Ancestor project. I ask because I have located two Genu Master Profiles of my direct ancestors with the same family name, both of whom are indicated as being in the First Ancestor project. One is my 8th paternal GGF and a Mayflower passenger, the other is my 8th maternal GGF who immigrated in 1631/33. They are siblings, two of four immigrant sons of a common father who was born and died in Fenstanton, Huntingdon Region, Cambridgeshire, England.

It would seem to me that the initial sibling to arrive, on the Mayflower, is the First, and the brother arriving some 10 or more years later is merely the second of the same name. The other 2 siblings are not listed in the project. On the other hand, each produced their own series of descendants, thus starting unique lines in America once they married.

Conversely, I have located two other Geni Master Profiles of my direct ancestors, both with the same family name but with different parents, different spouses and born in different shires of England some 6 years apart. One is my 8th paternal GGF and listed in the project, and the other is my 9th maternal GGF and not listed in the project. I believe the second one should also be in the project, as he appears to be from separate parentage in England. That is, unless the criteria for the project allow only one single instance of any given family name.

As a side note, I have also noticed a female ancestor of mine whose Geni profile shows her being in the First Ancestor project. While I recognize that a female who may have immigrated as the first member of, say, the Jones family, when she later married, say, Mr. Smith, the Jones name did not propagate itself. Please note this is not a misogynistic comment, but what is the significance of having a woman as First, if her progeny does not carry her birth name?

Opinions on any or all of the above will be appreciated. I can forward the appropriate links if needed for clarity.

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