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Started by Private User on Friday, April 26, 2013
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It does go that far back.


Kevin Lawrence Hanit Interesting!

Private User,

It was very interesting. When I told my mother, she was shocked to hear it.


Kevin is referring to the very interesting talk by Bennett Greenspan, founder of Family Tree DNA (www.ftdna.com).

While about 55% or more of the male haplogroups of Ashkenazi Jews in the FTDNA database originated in the Middle East, the number is much smaller for mtDNA haplogroups. Bennett did an analysis, describing which other group, each of the subgroups was closest to and giving his hypothesis for the reason for this subgroup. All speculation based on what we know SO FAR from DNA results and from history and other patterns we see in social history.

I forgot to post yesterday! Though honestly, I don't really have anything. :)

I have ancestor who moved from Washington County, New York to Huron County, Ohio. I believe he's my only direct ancestor with an Ohio connection. I *think* I figured out which family he migrated there with. Now I just need to figure out his connection to them, and if it was simply land availability or some other reason that led them there.

Hatte Rubenstein Blejer,

Do you know which female Haplogroup contains the Roman women converts to Judaism?

I forgot to write it down.


Kevin Lawrence Hanit I wasn't being glib. I was serious. It IS interesting!

Private User, I kind of figured that out.

In my time zone it is still Thursday - not for long though. I had a very positive experience, starting yesterday and continuing today. First, I learned how to make entries like a curator. I can't say pro cause I am one and didn't know until yesterday. The first 5 entries in the Prominent Genealogists project under the USA were added by me, and only 2 were cleaned up by [[6000000007278581048] Justin Swanstrom]. Second, I went to school today at a Family Search Center; essentially Genealogy 101. I learned much that many who read this think as second nature. After class I used the center's facility and broke down a brick wall. I have hoped for information on my great-grandfather's second marriage for years now, and there it was. I already had my horse-thief great-uncle, but I found his mother, and his 2 brothers today, as well as making contact with the genealogist who discovered the information.

The feeling you get when you are able to break down a brick-wall in genealogy is great!

Congratulations, Danny Franklin Drollinger! Sounds like you had an amazing day. :)

Nice work, Danny!

Time well spent, grasshopper.

I love the fact that we can all learn and grow in our skills in genealogy. Thanks for sharing Danny Franklin Drollinger.

I got my test results back from 23 and me. I am still trying to grapple with what they mean. I am K1b1a1.

Congratulations, Danny, on accomplishing so much! Breaking through a brickwall is a wonderful feeling, I'm very happy for you!

Danny Franklin Drollinger Congrats on your breakthrough! Just out of curiosity, what do you mean you learned how to create a profile like a curator? You can inbox, me if it's too much and too off topic to explain here.

Vicki Thomas Congrats on getting your mtDNA results back. I am K1a1b1a - so similar, but different ;)

Private User I just mean that it looks crisp and follows an easily readable format. I didn't have the computer skills to write an outline in the about section, only a narrative.

Danny Franklin Drollinger Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification. Glad you feel like you learned so much :)

I haven't had a chance to scan them yet, but I received a bag of photos from one of my Bahamian uncles. Family photos are very rare due to so much damage from hurricanes over the years. I finally got to see my great-grandmother and my step-grandfather, plus a photo of my mother as a child.

That is INDEED a great happenstance......a super event.

Thanks for sharing.

Private User,

That is amazing.

Yay, Ashley, how cool! My mother *hates* photos of her so much that when I was little she destroyed every single one she could find, including those that were in scrapbooks at my grandmother's. Consequently, I've only ever seen one photo from her childhood, so when I found a couple of others tucked away in my gram's sewing things a few months ago, it was as exciting as finding buried treasure!

I'm very happy for you - enjoy your family treasures!

Thank heavens for your Gram squirreling away those photos....it just reminds us all to check EVERY box, bin, desk, etc when we find something that belonged to the family....

I myself have no early photos of my mom mother....but found one of her when she was in her 20's at the Hillsborough Historical Society's 'Manahan/Phelps/McCullock photo collection' being compiled from over 50 years of that photography studio (there are over 500,000 plates found, re-printed, and being catelogued)....she posed for a photo that was entitled 'the hat collection'....with a hugh old-fashioned hat.....it was definitely her, and listed AS her by the photographer (her brother-in-law Manahan)....

I know your feelings, Jennifer and Ashley, of finding another link to your family.

Amazing finds ARE there, we just have to explore.

Luckerly I have always had a lot of photos and we had ones on our wall. They are still there by the way. As I said before I had all my grandmother's and later two cousins turned over their mother's,two of my great aunts photos. But the big find was when my aunt died, my father's sister, we were going through her things and there in a bottom draw were old pictures on card board. The fairly old ones. Some were early 1099's as one was of my great grandparents and she died in 1903.Plus a grageotype of I think maybe mt great great grandfather. Now no one knew she had them. My father was suprised they were there. Luckerly he was able to ID everyone , so I knew who they were. At this point he was the only one still alive on his side.He always said he was suprised he out live everyone. He was supose to be the first to die, being born deformed and the type of deformity he had. He never grew taller than 4 ft 6 in. I never remember him being taller then me. I am 5ft 9 in. He had a curved spine that cAUSED A HUNP in his chest and his back caved in , one arm was shorter than the other . Never slowed him down but made him a really nasty person.I use call relatives and they'd say well how's your father and I'd say well you know how he is and they'd yes we do.At my cousin's funerial a former neighbor of his, who was was my cousin's cousin( not mine) said no one in the neighborhood liked your father ( the neighbor you have to understand had a slight problem, A little slow) and I said Ya I know. And he said but I got along with him. My other cousin who is a minister was standing there and almost had a hart attact when he said that! I told her don't worry about it. I was use to it.He didn't mean anything by it.Anyway great everyone managed to find pictures.It's nice to put a face on nanes.

The find in that bottom drawer just reaffirms....look at EVERYTHING.

Amen, Fay! Judith, what a touching story - funny and bittersweet all at once! I admire your calm acceptance of the way things are. No wonder you're so good at rolling with the punches!

Reading about people's discoveries is a wonderful way to spend a few minutes, makes my heart happy.

I have the only one and only known picture of my mother's paternal grandmother. I was told that she hated to have her picture taken.

Congratulations Kevin......a great treasure, I'm sure.

And Jennifer, you are so right about Judith....she sure can roll with the punches....her New England stock is strong stuff...


Fay Elizabeth Dyer,

My mother has only one 1st cousin who remembers her as she died when my mother was only 2 years old.


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