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Started by Private User on Friday, April 26, 2013
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I have a flat mate, who is not yet on GENI but I am working on getting his tree together, through one of his 3rd cousins....
his Father is 5th cousins to Salvador Dali y Domenech.
the Artist.
So, attempting to locate my relation to DALI, I was also, able to (with my minder means, being a non- plus or pro member) search out someone with a profile for Salvador Dali y Domenech...
but unfortunately, I am unable to access it, or the curator of said profile...
can someone from this thread, help me out on that? He should also be added to a couple of groups... like "Old Masters" http://www.geni.com/projects/Old-Masters/504
and or
if someone get´s the chance.... here´s where he´s listed... but I am not able to access him or Amos Hammond (also, I am cousins with some Hammond branches.... lol!)
he´s the last entry in the search list.

(If I weren´t an artist myself... I´d likely be able to afford a Pro membership to the some 5 Genealogy sites, I´ve attached a tree, too.)

Thanking you in Advance.

Well I hope you talk your room mate into checking into his family tree. As far not being able to get into some things, many things on Geni , you are not alone. A lot of us, for whatever reason can't afford to join. is the hammond you are looking for from Gloucester, Mass? There's harmmond Castle out there, not a real castle but they call it that. I think it was a summer cottage as they call them in Newport RI, for the rich, in it's day.

evidently there not connected as that hammond's father was from England as far as I tell. However i found Amos Hammond b.1734( there were more Amos' in future gen. also. This one was born c. 1734 d.Oct. 1813 m Mehitable Cole, she died 1806. He was the son of, Gideon hammond m Hannah cole and he was the son of William hammond died 1760, in battle. M. to Elizabeth Bartram. Go to Hammond Family Tree. It pulls a lot of sits up, This one had the whole tree in generations listed.I think I sorted it out correctly. But you go to it and double check me. It has a lot info in it. Very interesting! judy

Teresa, from what I see, Dali is not part of the big tree, and the manager is his father-in-law! I'd prefer to reach him or her, instead of just report a claimed historical profile. Perhaps one of our Spanish curators could do that.

In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to research on Dali's ancestry yourself, as there's not much in that tree anyways. The easiest of course is to start off from your flatmate, and let us know when you reach Dali's grandfather.

My (half-)brother has always claimed to be a cousin of some sort to Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, since Picasso was a Spanish Ruiz and my brother's father is as well. But in all my years of searching for that connection, I haven't found one. They're not even from the same regions, and saying you're related because you're both a Ruiz is kinda like saying a Smith from California and a Smith from Sussex are related.

Perhaps we need someone to work on connecting our artistic Spaniards. :)

Theresa Renée Eléna Tossas-Cox
The Dali profile is private so the fact you can't access it has nothing to do with you own membership level, of course rules are made to be bent :)

Try this link Salvador Dalí you should be able to use the Contact Manager option to reach Amos Hammond.

Also you should talk to Luis E. Echeverría Domínguez, Voluntary Curator, the manager of Dali's parents.

PS: Dali is not an Old Master (ie pre-1800, nor would he fit in the Schilders-in-de-familie (which looks specifically at Dutch painters), unless your research shows that Dali was Dutch ... ?

I could have sworn he was Spanish! Van Gogh was Dutch.

Old Masters include more than Dutch Painters.

European Old Masters range between 1200--- 1830.

Thank you, each and every one of you, who bent your brains, for the DALI cause.
Yes, I WILL make sure, I sit down with the Delgado- Domènech branch of my Flat mate. He and another of our distant Domènech cousins will put this together and most certainly, let you know!!!!!
Wishing you all a Perfect Start, into the new week!!!

Unfortunately, Amos Hammond apparently, has all of his everything, set to Private... which is why, it is not even possible to message him "message the profile manager" option... just says, "it is not possible... to message this recipient."
not from Salvador´s profile and not from Amos´... either.

here´s a copy of my text... in case, someone else, knows a way to get a hold of this individual.
Thank you, again!!

"I am contacting you regarding Salvador Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí y de Púbol.
I live in Germany, with the 5/6th Cousin of Salvador Dali i Domènech, Marqués de Dali y de Púbol.

They are Catalan: Domènech, migrated to Puerto Rico, USA.

Ralph Delgado- Domènech is his name.

I also, have Domènech in my Tosas/Puig/Pasarell Branches, too (still being worked on/added to... I have the lines... just need to get them into the GENI Tree... time, is NOT on our side... lol!) and have been able to locate 4 possible, connections to Ralph, in my own family lists.

I would like to please, add this line, when I get it all together, to connect them and Salvador, to the Big World Tree.

It would be great, if it was possible for you to add me as a collaborator and also, to make Salvador´s Profile, "Public", as he is one of the GREATEST ARTISTS and I´ve always admired his work. (Just, my opinion).

I also, visited the Dali Museum in Spain, about 10 years ago. I was there for an entire DAY, letting his work, sink in on me!


What year was Amos Hammond born and how does he connect up with your tree. Maybe if you went in via a souce you eventurally build your own end of the tree. There has to be other people with Hammond lines.It's a fairly reconizable name.

It looks like all the profiles surrounding Salvador Dalí which can be set public are now public; you should be able to extend the family with any additional information available.

Good luck in your search!!

Theresa Renée Eléna Tossas-Cox,
You cannot message Amos Krogh Hammond because he died in 1943, make of that information what you will.

Maybe she should try to send a message to a living member of the tree or one of the other managers.

Ashyley go to the Amos harmmond link above . Click om the tree .Follow all his children and yoy will swee Astoria hatmmond wife of Salvador dali. That's what i just did.

Ok. I couldn't See any Information on him, so this was a Mystery to me. So who is the Profiles Creator/manager?
And don't the Mails go to them, usually, in that case?

Go above to Dan Cornett's reasponce abd see where highlighted is Salvado dali, click on it . It will bring his tree up.That's how I got intoo it. I looked at his wife's tree. All manager's listed for the most part are dead. This dan is listed try him. That 's the best I can do since I am not connected to these profiles and am not interested in them.Good luck!

FYI: re: Salvador Dalí "family tree"

That tree appears to have been created some years back by someone using the profile of a deceased person ("Amos") and that profile was subsequently marked deceased and that one 'account' (user) profile was "unclaimed" -- and there are no other current Geni members within that family group or among those added by that "Amos". An 'abandoned' tree branch.

In the process of making the deceased profiles public, I ended up as manager of one of the profiles. When a family member (eventually) connects to this branch (within their "Family Group" scope), then I will be able to 'pass on' the management of that profile.

So, the "Positive Post" of all this is that no one has to re-create this portion of Salvador Dalí's family tree. There is some info I've seen on MyHeritage SmartMatches which seems to indicate there are still more 'family'/ancestors to add to this branch!

As a Spanish-speaking Curator, Luis E. Echeverría Domínguez, Voluntary Curator has agreed to become Salvador's 'curator' and can help anyone who comes across Spanish sources for this family.

Thank You Dan, Judith and all others, who helped out with the Dali Question!

I'll get that branch info in ASAP (next week ish)
And would be grateful, to be added as a collaborator.
As I've mentioned, I am related to Demènech extensively, and will also, be managing the Frank Domènech branch, which belongs there, too.
That is quite good news, that Salvador's current tree, will not have to be completely, created anew... but may be added to.


p.s. I realize, some of my questions, may have sounded a tad daft... but I truly, wasn't able to see the info on Amos, until the link was posted, which Judith directed me to, posted here by Dan.

again, Thank You, much!

That is fine.
I will continue to look into Dali´s information.

Regards, LE

It's Friday!

I wanted to share something that's not genealogy per se. It's a photograph from 1896, and I'm finally able to tag everyone on it (with the help of others of course).


I thought we could do more with Geni's photo tagging with historical photos. Where else on Internet could one do that?

That brings up another issue. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the titles (even names) shown are the ones that they held at the time of the photo?

Nice find.

My Positive Post Friday, positive post is that I located a COX (probable 2nd cousin. Maternal sides) reading up on status updates on Facebook, from a 3rd Cousin Paternal sides!!! They've been inseparable best friends, for years! (How neat is that?)
But the true FABULOUS FIND is, his family has a handwritten book on the COX family, reaching back to before 1000 A.D. and he says, our grandfathers were 1st cousins!!! And he's going to scan in the book, for us!
I WILL make a point of beginning a COX discussion, for those interested, in this material ASAP!
Wish you ALL a wonderful weekend!!!!!
PLUS, I am now officially, collaborating on the Salvador Dali i Domènech profile, in the meantime, too!
Yay, us!!!! And Thank You, all, my great cousins!

My thanks to all those who have been sharing in this discussion! I haven't been able to work on genealogy much lately, but have truly been enjoying the stories posted here.

I also love these stories. They get me through the "lean times" when I'm not finding much myself.

Private User Great photo!

I have a Positive Post for a Friday.

During my time at the 33rd Annual IAJGS conference in Boston, I finally figured out why I could have received the results from my Family Tree DNA Family Finder test of: approx. 25% European and 75% Middle Eastern Jewish.

I have come to believe that I have a Roman woman as my ancestor. This woman converted to Judaism after the Judean Tribe ran out of Jewish Judean women to marry.

I was shocked to find that out.


That far back Kevin? That's pretty amazing.

Yao I loved the event the photo was linked to. Events are such a nice feature on Geni.

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