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Started by Private User on Friday, April 26, 2013
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Fay Elizabeth Dyer new news about Ida Honor Youngson Her grandson is a Geni user and I sent him a request for info. I may get this solved yet.


Did he know about his grandmother's artistic talents??

This is getting exciting....

Keep me informed...


I have also been working with someone who found me thru my brother from a profile I set up months ago......he has given me all sorts of added people per his family records and I have been confirming them by census data etc.....his branch of my family is almost exclusively in Canada.....so it has been a 'task and a half'.......and finding other relatives he didn't know about as well....

We are setting up a time when he will be coming up from Connecticut (where he resides) and meeting with my brother, sister-in-law, and me this summer.....

It has been fun finding this extension of the Baldwin clan....from one that CC Baldwin (the Baldwin Genealogy) had only limited info (most of them, after they left the US, either did not respond or did not know where the others were......

And, like you, Eldon....he has now found an aunt or 1st cousin that (guess what) also lives in Connecticut....and THEY are planning on meeting and comparing info....

Has been fun helping out a distant cousin.....(who knows, the link may get closer with more info found)....but it is very rewarding to help work 1 person's brick wall (seeing it from new eyes) to find things about a whole new branch (to me) of the family.

We are having a great time.....2 heads are better than 1.....is very true.....I make a suggestion or find something....he confirms it and adds items that didnt make sense before some census was discovered that makes other info into something that has meaning.

I hope you are having as much fund as I am...


That's so fun that you'll get to meet him this summer, Fay!

And he gets to meet an aunt/cousin he didn't know was just a rock's throw down the road...

AND Eldon has met the grandson of a find of his....that he took the time to research....

All sorts of doors are opening.

This is the frosting, isn't it? I mean, we'd do this anyhow, but these meet-ups are wonderful bonuses! Extra layers of goodness. <happy dance>

Fay Elizabeth Dyer I just received this.

Hi - I am Brenda Youngson - answering for my husband, Bill. Ida Honor Youngson is his paternal grandmother. We have several of her watercolor paintings. We live outside of Portland, Oregon - where are you located? Please call me and I'd be happy to talk to you about my grandmother. Call 503-422-7623 or email me at byoungson@comcast.net. How are you related? Who are your parents/grandparents?

Very exciting news..

Keep me posted.

That's so cool, Victar! Such a great example of why it pays to study the whole family group, instead of blindly pursuing direct-line ancestors only. Your wife must be thrilled, I know I would be!

Can I say that Positive Post Fridays is fantastic this week! It's so great to read about breakthroughs and contacts with new people.

I heard from a lost branch of my family, fairly close relatives. I don't know why we did not know about them and I'm anxiously waiting until they're back from vacation to help them build out the family tree. The husband and I share a great grandfather (that's close) and no one in the family was aware of them. Weird.

Well, it's Friday the 13th and I find myself now living in Salem < Mass. Hated to leave Saugus . Been there my whole life.But it is nice here/ Lot's of history! Living right near the Hawthone House. Know the ranger because he use to be at the Saugus Iron Wrks.Also around the cornor from the registry of Deeds, so no more drivig there. Philipps Gen right down the road.We had no power for three days. Electric company didn't know where my address was. Jerks! Anyway power on and all systems go.Saugus was the Thid oldest towns in Mass. Pylmouth being the first and Salem being the 2nd. They were called Plantations then.I guess I am going backwards in time. Use to take me tops 7 min. to drive to work. Now it's over a half hours on a good day.Going to be fun walking around all the old sports. Haven't.Haven't run into a witch yet. By the way my granddaughter 's daughters great auntis Laurie Cabot , the Witch,, official Salem White. No relation to me.Long story!

thread's been quiet for a while so i thought i'd renew intrest with the help of Erica Howton and Private User I have ventured outside my normal intrest zone and have explored primary vs secondry sources for a while...

What have you learned from looking at primary sources, Michael? I know I can struggle with the language of will data, for example, but find it fascinating. It can really bring the times of an ancestor to life (pun intended).

Well.. finding out a lot about the time frame and religon and all sorts of stuff like that among other things while trying to puzzle out this douglas line.

A lot more interesting than proof reading register reports. :)

i am still trying to proof read that torry notice on ann (bishop) geary :(

photo owned by Tamara Tucker Swingle

Dr. Oz had a man on his show Friday, November 14 who uses Geni. The subject was knowing family medical history. This man must belong to every genealogy site out there, but the one they featured was Geni. They didn't mention it by name, but the name was clearly visible on a screen showing part of this guy's family tree. He told how small trees connect to larger trees till you get millions of relatives world wide. I thought it was a great plug for Geni.

Hi, I'm looking for my connection to Hedy Green. I was told she was my great grand aunt. Maybe I'm thinking my dad's or his mom's g.g. aunt, I dont know. Does anyone know if this family connects with Johnson or Butts or Pinkham families? Or might there be a family tree with distant relatives? I'd love to find my connection to Hedy.

Do you mean this Hetty Green

Not a Friday, but this is the best I've received in a while from someone I connected to the tree:

Feistman Tree
Dear Benjamin,

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this. As an only child of only children I have felt a bit alone in the world since both my parents have passed. I have a lot of family on my mother side (with whom I have very close relationships), but on my father’s side ive only two distant cousins with whom I am in contact.

Very grateful to know how many more blood relatives I have in the world, and hoping to make some connections.

With deepest gratitude,

That's wonderful !


Another not a Friday
Dear Eldon,

I am contacting you about this profile: Kate May Kemple

Kate was my husband’s Grandmother and her Mother was Jane Rowley according to her handwritten
Account and biography and history in the Washington County Utah Historical Society and her handwritten account n the Kemple History book, which she started writing before her Death.

And The Rowley History.

Along with the history of Leeds

And the Rowley Family is Portrayed in the Movie 17 Miracles.
My husband is the descendant of several of those Families.
My husband is the son Of John Raymond Kemple who was the son of Kate Connelly and John Orson Kemple.

John Raymond and Mabel Whitney Kemple hand 8 sons. My husband is the youngest and 22 years younger than his oldest brother.
He grew up with his grandma Kate.


Roxy Kempld

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